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Go paperless with PDF Forms.

Paper costs money and takes up space. Did you know that it costs companies $20.00 to have an employee file a piece of paper?  $120.00 to find a lost piece of paper? What if that lost piece of paper was the original? The average cost to replace an original paper document is $220.00. Filing cabinets to hold all that paper can consume 50% to 70% of your floor space.

Does anyone really know the cost of reading someone's messy handwriting?

PDF Forms Are The Solution

These paperless forms can be opened from your website, or emailed to customers, filled out on a computer using a FREE reader from Adobe, and returned to you without paying for envelopes and stamps. And that's just the beginning. Document management software can track and recall these e-documents directly to your computer; all your document filing is at your finger tips.

Two Technolgies For Different Requirements: Xfa/XML and Acrobat Forms

If you simply want your users or customers to be able to fill in a form and return it to you, Acrobat (Acro) forms are the simplest solution.

Xfa/XML PDF Forms offer much more:

And if you really like to be on the cutting edge, both form types allow users to embed their legally binding electronic signature in the form.

Fillable PDF Forms

Fillable XFA Forms

Go Paperless