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Argee Softech supplies a full range of network services and products from network testing, hardware purchase and setup, to running cables and troubleshooting.

A computer network shares resources and information among computers that are connected using hardwired and/or wireless methods.

The simplest network is made up of one computer connected to a cable or ADSL modem. Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks, are susceptible to interruption from other radio sources (like portable home phones), and do not work through cement walls and ceilings. Businesses are usually more concerned about keeping unwanted users out of the network and require more connection speed than wireless can provide.

Workgroup or Domain

Complex networks are made up of many computers connected through network switches and/or routers. Complex networks can be constructed as a Workgroup or Domain. Workgroup networks have their client computers connected in a peer-to-peer configuration, where no one computer is more important than any other. These networks are management intensive because there is no central computer managing network resouces. Therefore permissions to access resources (printers, files, internet access, etc) must be set up on each computer. Domain networks on the other hand provide a central management for network resources. Please see the Domain Setup link at the top of this page for more on Domains.

Network bottlenecks come in many forms and can slow your network performance to a crawl.

Did you know that running over a network cable with your office chair can cause unseen breakages in the wire that slows network communication with no apparent reason? Networks need to be configured properly with the correct wiring methodology, quality switches and routers, and gateway antivirus, spyware, and intrusion prevention. Stopping malware before it gets onto your network is the first line of defense, backed up by malware protection on your workstations.

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