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The term domain refers to an organization of connected computers or a means of identifying sites on the Internet (e.g.

When applied to a network of connected computers, the domain is not generally exposed to the outside world. A centralized server
known as a domain controller authenticates users when they log on to their workstations. Resources with in the domain (other workstations,
file servers, printers, access to the internet, email, etc) allow access to the user based on the approval of the domain controller. Microsoft's
terminology for central management in a domain is Active Directory.

Domain setup is not something that a casual computer user can do.

Domain contruction involves determining a meaningful name (one that does not conflict with a well known public name), an adequate (ip)
address range for the number of computers that will reside within the domain, setting up DNS (Domain Name Server) and
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers, creating accounts for all users, and connecting required resources (printers, file servers,
gateways to the outside world, etc).

Domain structure can be simple or complex

Domain structure can be as simple as a single server acting as a domain controller

For information on a simple version of the Domain structure that does not require a domain controller, but is more management intensive,
click on the Networking link above to learn about Workgroup networks.